Screenshot of Zamó

Zamó - marketplace for sanitation companies made for Eurocash S.A. contest

Every fifth Pole has a smelly sewage tank instead of sewage system. They are mostly village residents - I’m one of them. The platform Zamó connects sanitation companies (those with are removing cesspools) with customers whose tank fills up. It allows the companies to accept online payments (instead of leaving cash under the doormat) and frees them from the need to constantly handle phone orders. Project submitted for the competition “Generation P - Heroes at the Start” in April 2020....

1 min · Maksymilian Skica
Screenshot of queue system

Teacher consultation queuing system via Microsoft Teams

Individual conversations and consultations between the teacher and the student are one of the most important elements of effective education. An element that began to be missing during the coronavirus pandemic. One of my teachers had logistical problems connecting 1: 1 through Teams to students. Together with Szymon we decided to change it. The service we have prepared, after authorization with a Microsoft Teams account, places students in a queue, while presenting the estimated waiting time and offering a convenient preview of waiting for the teacher....

1 min · Maksymilian Skica